Our Mission

Making a Difference

Our mission for the past 5 years has been educating young professionals on topics of International Affairs and Human Rights. We are always trying to find new solutions together and make the world a better place!


The Academia Aestiva Internationalis is located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, famous for its natural beauty and boasting educational tradition. We work in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences, providing you with a truly organized and decidedly academic environment.


We at the Academia firmly believe that success can only be achieved by teamwork. This is what our Summer School is all about. Supported by lectures and assistance from top experts in the field we provide a dynamic working environment in which participants reflect on challenges, brainstorm ideas, and offer policy prescriptions. 


Each year we discuss a challenge, besetting the international community, to which good ideas and solutions are hard to find.



Make the best out of your Summer School experience

International Experience

Learn and communicate in English, meet people from all around the world and listen to top foreign experts' lectures. We are as international as it gets!


You are given different topics.

Choose one, consult with your mentor and write an essay about it!

After giving a presentation to your mentor at the summer school,  you will gain the ECTS if positively marked by the mentor.


Critical Thinking

There are no silly questions and no bad ideas. Nothing is "black-and-white" and our team and lecturers will always be helping you deconstruct all kinds of information.

Group Work

Results are always better when a big amount of human factor is involved in the working process.
Work in different teams in different classes and get to know people while learning!


In order to obtain the ECTS Credit Points, the Participants are required to take part in certain activities:

  • prepare a written paper prior to attending the Summer School;

  • presentation of the paper at the Summer School;

  • participation in the Summer School’s activities, such as lectures, and workshops;

  • preparation of the final paper (an essay), which will be published on the AAI’s web page


Participants may, when applying, choose among given titles (or in some cases, general topics), which are available on the web site. Each member of the Core Faculty (Mentor) will provide either a general topic or a list of titles. 


The choices will be made on the first come - first served basis. The Participants may only select a topic or title that is proposed by a Mentor. Once the ten (10) spots for a particular Mentor and/or their topic area fill up, the Participant will have to opt for an alternative. During the sign-up process there will be a possibility to list three choices in the order of preference.


The paper shall be written in a form of a policy paper, following the example of the Le Monde Diplomatique (http://mondediplo.com/). The length of the Paper shall be between 2000-2500 words, using the Harvard-style referencing (a guide can be found at: http://www.citethisforme.com/harvard-referencing).


The Participants will also have to prepare a presentation of their paper at the Summer School (see Schedule).


After the Summer School concludes, there will be a one-week deadline for corrections and modifications of the papers. For all the papers that will be submitted in time will the Core Faculty provide a feedback in one week, and determine if the quality of papers is up to the standard that the ECTS points can be awarded.


Because the ECTS points are indivisible, the Participants will either be awarded all ECTS points or none. Hence, the Participants will have to adequately perform in all the aspects that determine obtaining the ECTS Points: submitting a written paper prior to the Summer School, a presentation, participation at the Summer School, and submission of the final paper.