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The Summer School Academia Aestiva Internationalis has been running for 7 years now. Take a look at some of our previous adventures down below!

Summer School 2021

Deconstructing Climate Change: Global Environment Politics and Challenges

Summer School 2019

Emerging Global Challenges: Human Rights 70 Years Later

Environmental changes present a serious threat for people to enjoy their fundamental human rights.  The red thread of the summer school was to evaluate the attitude of individual actors (international organizations, transnational companies, political poles) to preserve the environment and consequently provide decent living conditions for normal functioning of individuals, social groups, countries and ultimately all building blocks of the international community.


Summer School 2018


Populism brought a new discourse to human rights and the development of international law. With some labeling populist rhetorics as hate speech and others as freedom of speech, we have been witnessing a clash between important human rights. Where is the line where freedom of speech overrides to hate speech?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed on December 10th 1948. The document meant a new world, a world of equality, peace, and dignity. Human rights are applicable in so many fields, for example, women's rights, rights of children, labour rights,  environmental rights etc. So many things can be improved in the connection to HR, no time to start like now!

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Summer School 2016

Refugees and “refugees”: Challenge for the world, not (just) for Europe

The ongoing 'refugee/migrant crisis' is merely a tip of an iceberg that has been affecting many European, and other, societies for a number of years. Several thousand lives have been lost only in the Mediterranean Sea by people who are fleeing war zones, extreme poverty, political prosecution and mass violations of human rights, consequences of climate change and for other reasons.

Summer School 2017

Global environmental politics: Adaptation vs. Mitigation

The ongoing environmental debate has taken over the international community due to its urgency and importance. Climate science has clearly established the problem – the fact that the climate system is changing due to human activity, and that the impacts are already being felt on all continents and oceans. The unsustainable way of living has brought many changes to the climate, has endangered the flora and fauna of the Earth and its threatening the future of humankind.